Vivre, composed by Stephane Delicq, played live by Vivant

Here is a video recorded at our live concert in June 2013; the sound is taken directly from a microphone in the audience - no post processing; what you hear is what the audience did. This church is fantastic to play in - just an amazing sound.

New CD Tree of Life is Finished!

It's here, after literally 10 years of gathering material, careful arranging (we did take a break occasionally), and one weekend of intense recording at Towpath Studios in Wales, our new CD Tree of Life is now available from our online shop.

Featuring music from the England, Belgium, Canada, the American Shaker tradition, and a lovely recent composition from the amazing Eric Theze; available for download for £6.00 or a beautifully packaged CD for £12.00, please go here to listen and buy:

New CD "Tree of Life" Now Off to Be Pressed!

It's finally done; audio complete, artwork complete, and we're very pleased with it! It's off to be pressed; touch wood it should be back in time for our gig on June 8th.

Making Progress!

We're making progress on the CD; slower than we'd like, but that is often the nature of these things! We have a small number of concerts and appearances in early June; the target is to get the CD ready by then.

So since last time we have:

    - Mixed the audio from the raw recorded files, selected the tracks and done a number of small edits to tidy things up.
    - Chosen an overall design for the packaging; in this case, a 6 panel Digipak
    - Selected a CD production company to make the CDs
    - Obtained permission from the composer of the one non-traditional tune we're recording to use his tune
    - Started the artwork design

    Next steps
      - Complete CD artwork
      - Apply for MCPS AP2 licence (permission to print)

      Then we can get the CDs made!

      Naming the CD

      We've got a CD name! Not going to tell you what it is yet, but for amusement, here's some of the names that didn't make the cut: - Midnight - Minuit - Eventide - Bon nuit - Les petite heures - Apres vous - From here to there - Horizons - Distance - Yesternighte - Tournesol ... and many, many, more!


      Mark had done some recording last year on his mate Alan Coles' album at Towpath Studio and suggested we recorded there. Glad he did - the recording gear and microphones are top notch and Mike behind the desk is as helpful, patient and as good an egg as you hope for!

      So there we went, for 2 days in May and recorded in quick succession 17 new tracks that we had practiced up!
      We won't use them all of course; it won't all fit on a CD, but we have a good selection to choose from and work with.

      For the technically minded we used 2 AKG 414 microphones - one each for the treble and bass ends of the melodeon, and Mike's latest toy, a very posh and impressive ribbon microphone for the violin. All recorded in real time (us playing together as we would play live) into 3 simultaneous tracks in Cubase. No multitracking; what you hear is how we play live.

      Next step... a little editing of the melodeon tracks...

      Our To Do List

      OK, Mark and I have the material for a new CD, so we thought it would be interesting to write how we went about it.

      So.... here's what we need to do, and what we've done so far:

      - Choose how we're going to record it (done)
      - Select material to record (done)
      - Go into studio and record initial takes of us playing together (done)
      - Patch up any typo's in the playing (initial pass done for both melodeon and violin parts - mercifully little to do)
      - Edit out excess clicks and pops from tracks
      - Initial mix and equalisation; produce draft recording
      - Choose CD design and produce artwork
      - Finalise mix and equalisation
      - Select final tracks and track order
      - Get MCPS copyright approval for tracks written by known authors
      - Mastering
      - Select CD production company
      - Get artwork into final format for publishing
      - Manufacture CDs

      ... and of course, not forgetting, the hardest task of all, naming the CD!

      You can now get the first Vivant CD via Apple iTunes!

      ... as you do, but really, get it from the Vivant Bandcamp shop instead! Better sound quality, you can play downloaded files on any device, and for an extra £2.00, you can have a CD to take with you wherever you go as well.

      Contact: Clive Williams
      Phone: 01908 561180